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Note from a thankful pastor

BATTLE CREEK, MI – Aryn and I were blessed to be able to participate in the Pastors and Wives date night at FBC DeWitt. With three younger children, having opportunities to get away with just each other – even for a few hours in the evening for dinner – is a challenge. It can be even more difficult when you factor in the uniqueness of pastoral ministry, where, as much as we may not like it or try to lessen its impact, we are “on the clock” 24/7.

The organizers and volunteers put on a lovely evening that included child care. Our youngest child has some severe food allergies (dairy and tree nuts) that can complicate meals and snacks, but the child care team went out of their way to ensure he not only had food that he could eat, but that he was included in all the events. We were thankful not only for the opportunity to enjoy dinner with each other, but also to spend it with dear brothers and sisters in Christ who know and understand the pressures of serving in ministry. The gracious gifts and presentations were much appreciated and helped to make it a relaxing and refreshing evening! Thank you!



Roy Henry serves as Senior Pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Battle Creek. He and wife, Aryn, have been married for 13 years and they have three wonderful PKs.


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