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2017 annual meeting summary

1) The total budget approved (the overall budget amount for the coming fiscal year) and percentage increase or decrease from last year of the total budget. $2,693,073 for 2018 Budget. That is a 31% increase over last year's budget.

2) Anticipated Cooperative Program (CP) receipts from churches; anticipated receipts from LifeWay; anticipated receipts from NAMB. Anticipated Receipts: $1,340,000 CP from churches; $68,262 from LifeWay; $701,000 from NAMB.

3) CP percentages, as well as dollar amounts, that the state convention is allocating for state Cooperative Program ministries and for SBC Cooperative Program ministries. 27.5% Cooperative Program, $368,500.

4) Whether those CP percentages were changed during this year's annual meeting. While adopting the 2018 BSCM Budget, we voted to remove the Shared Ministry Items, thereby increasing the actual dollars going to missions. We will be giving 27.5% of the total Cooperative Program money from the Michigan Baptists which is an increase in dollars given to missions over last year's budget.

5) Any budget provisions (percentages as well as dollar amounts) for shared expenses. No, the Baptist State Convention of Michigan leadership in consultation with Frank Page, Executive Committee, led the Convention to remove the Shared Ministry Items from the 2018 BSCM Budget.

Election of officers, including: 1) president, first and second vice president and recording secretary; 2) whether any of these were re-elected; 3) titles at their churches (pastor or member) as well as the name of each of church and its city; 4) in cases of two or more nominees for an office, please give the names of the other nominees, along with his/her title, church, city; 6) vote totals for elections with two or more nominees and for any subsequent runoffs.

President: Jerome Taylor, re-elected, Pastor of Eastgate Baptist Church, 4226 East Atherton Rd, Burton, 48519.

1st Vice President: Scott Blanchard, re-elected, Pastor of Lakepointe Church, Meets at Lutheran High School, 16825 24 Mile Road, Macomb, MI 48042.

2nd Vice President: Larry Johnson, newly elected, Pastor of Middlebelt Baptist Church, 943 Middlebelt Road, Inkster, MI 48141.

Recording Secretary: Roy Henry, re-elected, Pastor of Faith Baptist Church, 13840 South Helmer Road, Battle Creek, MI 49015.

Assistant Recording Secretary: Eli Garza, re-elected, Pastor 1st Spanish Baptist Church, 3495 Livernoi Road, Detroit, MI 48210.

Theme: The Power of ONE!

Host Church: Middlebelt Baptist Church, 943 Middlebelt Rd, Inkster, MI 48141.

Total Messengers and Churches Represented: 109 messengers out of 53 churches (23 guests)

Total Baptist State Convention of Michigan Churches: 314

Dates and location of next year's (2018) meeting: November 6-7, 2018; Grace Church, 2692 North Dettman Road, Jackson, MI 48201 with Host Pastor James Walling.

Baptist Press provides a summary report of every state convention. Baptist Press is located in Nashville, TN.

For more information please contact the BSCM offices. (810) 714-1907 or


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