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Discipleship for church leadership

The North American Mission Board has developed pipeline training essential to a growing church. (Photo courtesy

ALPHARETTA, GA – Pastors & church leaders, you crave dedicated help. You told me so. Here is an online and very affordable discipleship training program created and launched by the North American Mission Board. Churches at every size can enroll. It's located at:

There are three levels of training for those within your church.

L1 - Becoming a learner

L2 - Becoming a leader

L3 - Becoming part of a church planting team

By going to you will discover:

  1. Inspirational video

  2. Full overview

  3. Training sample

  4. Frequently asked questions

  5. Resources to share with the church

The online training has the latest resources and allows the pastor and his people to gather when it is best for them. Get started as soon as you can by clicking on "Get Started" at



Kevin Ezell, president of the North American Mission Board, SBC


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