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Houston, help is on the way

FENTON, MI – MI Disaster Relief (DR) has been activated as one of the nation’s worst natural disasters continues to clobber the Texas coast. Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 26th moving inland and bringing a record setting amount of rainfall.

There are several ways to help:

1. GIVE – Give financially to the MI Southern Baptist teams working in the Texas disaster and for buying needed relief supplies. Send your checks to: BSCM - Disaster Relief, 8420 Runyan Lake Rd., Fenton, MI 48430. Churches and individuals can go to and click on the "Online Giving & Hurricane Harvey Relief" yellow button or GIVE NOW Hurricane Harvey Relief button! Click "Give Now" and then on the popup page select a fund to donate to:

  • MI - Cooperative Program

  • North American Missions - Annie Armstrong Offering

  • International Missions - Lottie Moon Offering

  • State Missions: Bambi Lake - Frances Brown Offering

  • Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Add the gift amount and click "Next" to complete your contact and bank information. You can even set this up for regular giving as well as a one-time-gift. Go to now and check it out!!

2. GO – Go as a volunteer to Texas to help! You don't have to be a trained DR volunteer. DR would provide on-the-job training free in transit to the location. If your church, individuals, or mission team could go, please call Judy at 810-223-2465 to arrange the schedule and travel information.

3. PRAY – Pray for the families devastated by this disaster. Pray for those still trapped amidst rising waters. Pray for the rain to end and for more volunteers to come to the aid of our fellow citizens. Gather in groups to pray, join in corporate prayer as a church, pray as you watch the news or think of loved ones in that area.


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