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Why do I need training to be a Disaster Relief volunteer?

FENTON, MI – Remember the TV commercial that stated, “I’m not a (fill in the blank) but I did stay at the Holiday Inn last night!” That is sort of how Disaster Relief training works. We need volunteers who have taken the time to train so they can come to the aid of those in need. We need volunteers, willing to listen and learn, so we can bring you back spiritually blessed, and not physically broken. We have found that where 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 talks about training and the prize of working for the real crown to be our encouragement.

As the State Director for SBC Disaster Relief, I am often asked, 'Why do I need training to be a volunteer'?

Not only is that a great question that everyone should ask, but the answer is equally important. The government Emergency Management Officials we work with require that all volunteers be credentialed by an organization, like ours, before they are allowed to work in a disaster response area. Our training is designed to meet these requirements, and to prepare volunteers to do effective ministry when called upon. The Disaster Relief training prepares us in our understanding of disasters and the needs that arise in times of disasters. But the greatest reason to train is that God deserves our very best, and to achieve the best requires discipline, effort and knowledge.

Disaster Relief training opportunities allow us to grow as believers in Christ so that when God calls, we are prepared and ready, both physically and spiritually. I encourage you to attend the next training opportunity and learn the other 8 reasons to take disaster relief training before volunteering. We need you, but we need you trained.

The Disaster Relief Full Trainings this fall (unless we are activated to a major disaster) are:

Lake Bible Church

309 Decker Rd.

Walled Lake, MI

September 29-30th

Bambi Lake Retreat and Conference Center

Old 76 Highway-using Exit 222, 3468 East Robinson Lake Road,

Roscommon, MI

October 6-7th

Friday, October 6th at 7:00pm-10:00pm

Basic Training (Involving Southern Baptists in Disaster Relief)

Cost $10.00

Saturday, October 7th at 8:30am-3:00pm

Unit Training

Feeding - Chain Saw - Mudout - Shower/laundry - Water Purification - Chaplaincy

Cost $25.00

Cost covers background, ID badge, and cap. Lunch on Saturday will be provided by feeding team. Free to stay over night, bring your sleeping bag, cot and your personal need items.

Please register by calling Judy Roy at 810-223-2465 or email at



Win Williams has been the State Director of Disaster Relief for Michigan since 2007. He has been married to his bride, Carolyn, for 53 years. Win has been involved with Michigan Southern Baptists since 1961.


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