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Wild game dinner brings 79 professions of faith

ROSCOMMON, MI – The March Men’s Retreat promoted a Wild Game Dinner which brought the hunters to Bambi Lake. The guest speaker was Chuck McAlister, of the famed Adventure Bound Outdoors TV program launched in 1996. He is an avid hunter, and is full of stories that kept attendees on the edge of their seat. The praise band was from The Potter’s Wheel in Fenton, Michigan and our new Bambi Lake Camp director Michael (Mick) Schatz joined them as worship leader.

On Friday night, McAlister, challenged the men to be intentional in witnessing using Acts 17 – Paul in Athens. That night, twelve men accepted Christ. Saturday morning, McAlister continued teaching using the stories of Abraham and Isaac. The surprise for the retreat attendees was local churches had planned a wild game dinner for approximately 250-300 people in addition to the men at the retreat. This turned into a somewhat of a mission trip. Retreat attendees were the the hands and feet by setting up tables, chairs and props, and by earnestly praying before and during the dinner, expecting the Holy Spirit to move freely in the hearts of the people.

All afternoon, prayers were being lifted to encourage McAlister and to prepare the hearts of the people who would be attending. His message from Friday night’s message was; you must care about people, you must go where people are, you must change your methods (not message), you must tell people the truth and you must expect people to be saved. Make yourself available. Saturday night, he did just that. He demonstrated to the men exactly what he taught. His ending message was this: Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by me, John 14:6. And his illustration of a cure was spot on. He left them with a choice, accept the Truth or throw away your cure. That night 79 people came to know the Lord as their personal Savior.

Sunday morning, McAllister shared about the paralytic and four friends. Another powerful message – “We should expect more with Jesus in the house” and “people gather when Jesus is in the house!” Pray for the churches as they begin to disciple those whose lives have been changed forever. Pray for the men who attended, that messages of the weekend will burn in our hearts and be shown through their lives as men of God.



Terry Whitehead is chairman of the Deacons, a Sunday School teacher, Men’s Bible Study leader at First Baptist Church, Swartz Creek, Genesee Baptist Association.


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