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'Bringing the Word' - the January men's retreat

ROSCOMMON, MI – The January men’s retreat lived up to the theme. Jim Palmer, pastor of Miles Road Baptist Church, Summerville, SC brought four messages from the life of David that spoke to our hearts and challenged our lives. He began with “David’s Greatest Fight.” In his message he shared that it was the greatest upset in history, but included it was a “fixed fight.” David couldn’t lose, because the Lord was on his side. We were encouraged that the giants in our life can be defeated. We face giants every day; alcohol, drugs, pornography, bad job, little money, domestic problems, wayward children or grandchildren, cancer, death and more. These are giants that the Lord wants to give us victory over. Pastor Palmer gave four principles to victory:

  1. Purpose: Surrender to Lord’s will

  2. Progression: Remember past victories

  3. Power: Recognition of God’s power

  4. Promise: Remembering that the Lord said he would be the King of Israel. He couldn’t lose and neither can we.

Palmer and his church have blessed Michigan Baptists for years. He along with his worship leader, Keith Wilson, have been a part of 8 retreats across the years. Their church has also provided the cost of transportation for them to get here and back home. In addition, they have provided for men from their church to come to our retreats. For three years they paid for 25-30 men to fly to Michigan. Then they started hosting their own, “Bambi South Retreat” in Carolina that is growing every year.

Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) Executive Director, Tim Patterson, also spoke. His topic was about marriage relationships. He used Song of Solomon 2:15 to warn of the “little foxes that are ruining our vineyards.” He shared the dangers around us, like foxes, that ruin our marriages.

  1. When the roles of husband and wife are reversed; fathers who abandon their children, leave moms to do the work of the father. This leads to confusion of gender. Boys don’t know who they are. Boys need to see the leadership of a Godly father leading the home.

  2. Husbands need to provide the intimacy that a wife needs. The husband needs to provide a sense of teamship in marriage. There needs to be a bond no one or no thing can break.

  3. Husbands need to plan regular and focused communication and be interested in the things that concern their wife.

  4. Husbands need to not let other ministry, friends, internet, TV, or sports consume time he should be spending with his wife.

  5. Husbands must never let anyone outside his marriage meet his personal needs.

Jimmy Jones shared something of the history of Bambi Lake and the impact that Bambi has made on so many lives across the years. This was the last Men’s Retreat he will lead. He was asked in 1983 to take over the Men’s Retreats, and except for four years that Wayne Vann lead in the late 90’s, he has been in charge of the Men’s Retreats for the BSCM. More than 10,000 men have attended the Men’s retreat during that time. He concluded by encouraging the men to be a part of the March Retreat. It will be March 10-12, with a wild game dinner with Chuck McAllister. There will also be a fall retreat in September.

Jones offers a special thank you to our state convention staff. Executive Director Tim & Sabrina Patterson, Mike & Shar Durbin, and Nancy & Dan Spears, without whom, we could not have had the retreat.

Jones says “the men who came to the retreat are the greatest blessing. The testimony time is so encouraging. Many men shared how they were saved and saw miracles in their families: children and grandchildren rescued, marriages restored; victories in their lives over alcohol, drugs, pornography concurred; victories in their churches all because of the decisions made during the Men’s Retreat. God is good.”



Jimmy Jones is a retired pastor ministering at First Baptist Church Trenton, MI. He served as Interim Executive Director for the Baptist State Convention of Michigan and was the former State Evangelism Director for Michigan Baptists.


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