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A Time to Tell

FENTON, MI – The Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) is calling on churches across the state to renew their efforts in the area of Evangelism. BSCM Leadership has declared 2017 “A Time to Tell”. BSCM Executive-Director Dr. Tim Patterson says, “There is a magnitude of lostness across our state, 9.6 million people, and the vast majority of them do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The BSCM has produced a new video to highlight the call of “A Time to Tell”. Michigan Baptists are urged to view and share the video at, and to personally look for ways that they can be a part of this renewed emphasis.

The BSCM is emphasizing evangelism is all three areas of its’ mission; starting churches, strengthening churches, and sending churches. BSCM State Director of Missions, Dr. Tony Lynn says, “Starting churches and evangelism go hand-in- hand.” Patterson adds, “starting churches is telling people about the Gospel in new places and new ways.”

He also says, “In the area of strengthening churches, we are going to help existing churches be better able to evangelize.” BSCM State Director of Evangelism, Mike Durbin adds, “strong churches help people hear the story of the Gospel.”

In the area of sending churches, Durbin says, “We need to be helping our churches look beyond the four walls where they meet to the community and world around them.” Lynn adds, “We never know what impact we are going to have in that corner of the world where God leads us.”


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