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Focusing on God's goals

FENTON, MI – “Our goal for the 2016 Frances Brown State Mission Offering was $90,000 and we missed it! We only needed $1,528.68 more for the win yet somehow we came up short! If only we would have done…” When I was given the final report on what was received, I began to focus on the $1,528.68 shortfall. I measured the success of the state mission offering campaign on the amount we didn't receive. I questioned, would this failure prevent God's light from being shared in Michigan?

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)

In leaning on my own understanding I put the emphasis on the short fall, on that portion which had not been received. When I began to trust in the Lord, my focus changed and I began to realize all that had been received, all that had been accomplished. It was apparent when focusing on the $88,471.32 that many had sacrificed personal income and many churches had given a significant amount from their budgets to share in the financial support of our state missions offering. Why would they do that?

They did so because they believe by partnering together more can be accomplished together. They did that because they are moved to advancing the light in Michigan. They did that because they believe in working together to make an eternal difference in others lives. Sharing about the one and only true sources of Hope is the driving power behind their giving.

Here’s is a review of just a few of the ways God’s light will continue to be shared in Michigan as a result of your generous giving to the State Missions Offering.

  • Partnering together, Michigan Baptists gave $88,471.32 in 2016 because they understand the vision for Michigan.

  • The Gospel will be shared in more communities throughout Michigan with the new resources made available to partnering churches because you gave.

  • Your gifts helped many church planters, like Bill and Cindy Haas in the Upper Peninsula, who are reaching Native Americans and others for Jesus. Planting new churches is a major part of how we effectively reach all areas of our state.

  • Your investment in the missions offering also means that retreats, children’s camps and youth conferences like the Children’s Ministry Day, are able to share the love of Christ with children, which will transform the next generation.

  • The state missions offering also provides resources to make a difference in people’s lives, disaster relief support, as well as quality training and education throughout many community churches and resource hubs. Michigan Disaster Relief will celebrate 25 years of ministry this year because of your faithfulness to give year after year.

  • Your giving provides the opportunities to resource all of our churches with ministry strengthening options, new Bible study kits and discipleship materials, training conferences, retreat and worship forums, all designed for men and women in leadership and ministry. The “Every Believer A Witness” conference offered in February and March of this year is one example of the conferences supported by the offering.

The monetary value received is an important part of the state mission offering campaign, but valued even more is the prayer support given during the Week of Prayer of State Mission and continued throughout the year. We thank you for your continued prayer support of church starting, strengthening and sending.

Thank you for "Sharing the Light" in Michigan!

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” John 12:46

The Frances Brown State Mission Offering and Week of Prayer for 2017 is September 10-17.

Michigan Baptists Giving Totals to Special Mission Offerings in 2016

Frances Brown State Mission Offering: $88,471.32

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (NAMB): $134,526.15

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (IMB): $208,044.53



Sue Hodnett serves as the BSCM Women’s Ministry Director and WMU Michigan Executive Director.


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