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Church partners reach family of 9

DETROIT, MI – One Sunday in the middle of January a family of nine came to Victory Fellowship Community Church in Detroit. By the end of the service, that family responded to the preached message, accepted Christ as savior, and chose Victory Fellowship at their church home. But that is not where this story begins.

On Christmas Day, Victory Fellowship invited the families of nearby Hamilton School to come to their Christmas Service, and as part of the service their children received Christmas gifts. Victory Fellowship’s pastor, Darryl Gaddy, says “It was an awesome day, and the spirit of love and blessings were in the air.” While engaging the family of nine in membership, Gaddy learned that this was one of the families who were a part of the Christmas gift outreach. However, the story still begins earlier.

The Christmas Gift Outreach was made possible because the Liberty Heights Church (LHC) in Liberty Township, Ohio, partnered with Victory Fellowship. Liberty Heights donated Christmas gift boxes that allowed the Victory Fellowship to partner with three schools in the metro Detroit. Tyrone and Beacon Schools in Harper Woods, and Hamilton School in Detroit helped the churches find children in need.

Gaddy says, “While the work is great, nowhere is it written one church must do it alone. Partnership among churches builds the faith, touches countless lives and transforms entire communities. This kingdom growth would not have been possible without the intentional way that Liberty Heights Church partnered with us serving in tough communities.”

If you are looking for a church to partner with or a church looking to partner contact us at the BSCM. We have a growing list of opportunities waiting. Contact us at or call us 810-714-1907.



Dr. Darryl Gaddy, Sr. is pastor of Victory Fellowship Community Church in Detroit, MI.

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