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By All Means...Go!

FENTON, MI – As I reflect on the verse Psalm 68:11, I am reminded that a team of great women continue to rise up to the call, to assist, to serve, to pray and to lead with purpose and intentionality in Michigan Baptist churches, associations and communities, all in partnership with the Baptist State Convention of Michigan.

"The Lord issues a command. Numerous are the women who announce the news:"

Psalm 68:11 ISV

Some are called to lead as wives, mothers, teachers, administers and friends. Whether called to serve in their homes, in their work places, in their churches, or in their community, they lead others to worship the glory of God. Sharing the hope, reflecting His love and "Sharing the Light" of Jesus Christ. We will move forward into 2017 with the foundation of "Prayer" and a continued heart's desire to "Assist" in all ways possible with the advancement of Jesus Christ in Michigan.

"Go" will be our themed focus for the new year. This will bring new challenges! Building on the foundation laid in the past two years, and using what we have learned, we will take it to new heights. It will move many of us outside of our comfort zones, but in turn bring us into a closer relationship with God. We will dare to be bold! Challenging Michigan Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God. Sharing the Light in our communities, state, country and around the world. The call of the Great Commission is to "GO"! It is not only a call to move from our current location, it's a reminder to be on mission for Jesus wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Open your eyes. Slow down a little bit and choose to make time for the people in your path.

Our continued commitment to making "Prayer" a first priority will literally continue to move us into communities and churches throughout our state, taking us to the next level of trusting in our God for direction and vision.

Virtual Prayer Walking Events

Prayer Walking events have opened the doors for more Michigan Baptists to be involved in praying for and encouraging our Michigan churches, both established congregations and new church plants. As people walk and pray sharing onsite photos and current ministry requests, the opportunity to personalize prayers for pastors, their families, their church leadership and their communities is given to those who follow online.

Please visit our FaceBook page: to like and follow us in 2017 as we Prayer Walk Michigan. Our scheduled locations for the new year are:

Michigan WMU / Prayerwalking - 2017 Calendar

January - Detroit / Int'l Auto Show February - West Branch March- Grand Rapids / Wyoming April- Detroit (eastside) / Montreal May- Novi / FRe Outreach June- Waterford / Oakland / Sarnia / Port Huron July- Pines Association August- Sault Ste Marie, Ironwood, Iron Mountain & Menominee September- Bay Association October- Southfield November- Clawson

December- BSCM / Fenton

Alone our team can't reach all of Michigan, but with your help we can reach more areas together. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us and let's "GO" together.

Prayer Campaigns

Weeks of Prayer for the North American Mission Board, Frances Brown State Missions Offering and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for the International Mission Board and 40 Days of Prayer for the BSCM will continue to give intercessory opportunities and increased awareness of missions as we punch holes in the darkness in Michigan and the world beyond.

Our Purpose

As our leadership team comes alongside pastors, pastors’ wives, church planters and women in ministry our focus is to train, resource, encourage and assist them in their leadership roles. In 2017, every retreat, camp, conference, mission trip, coaching session and prayer walking event will include components to equip each participant with the means for success in leadership and ministry. First time conferences are being planned to target specific interest and/or age groups.

Preparing future leaders for a mission lifestyle is an overall objective for all of our children's events. Mission education for our children is significant; they are our future missionaries. Children’s mission education centers on meeting the spiritual needs of boys and girls, preschoolers to high schoolers. The focus is to help them grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and teaching them how to minister to others. We offer many programs and material to assist leaders and parents in helping to growth their churches discipleship to children, youth and adults.

Throughout the year the Women’s Ministry and WMU Teams sponsor many events, both evangelistic and mission focused. Many of our events are listed below. Continue to check for the latest details on these events, ongoing and short term mission projects and more.


The time is now! We are well equipped! "By All Means", we need to "Go", praying and assisting along the way as we share Jesus in Michigan!



Sue Hodnett is Women’s Ministry Director for BSCM and Executive Director for WMU, Michigan.


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