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20 IN 10

by Scott Statson

FENTON, MI – When we felt God leading us in the direction of church planting, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Hesitantly, we started asking Him to open doors, and it wasn’t long before our prayers were answered.

God blessed us with an amazing facility in the community we were hoping to reach. We set out to help people find and follow Jesus, and we’ve watched as God has done some incredible things.

Just last year we celebrated with 5 individuals who went public with their decision to follow Jesus in baptism, we were able to renovate our facilities after He blessed us with over $51,000 in special gifts, and we even partnered with other local ministries to throw some massive parties to love our community.

God’s been doing amazing things since we’ve been here and it’s not because of us. If we’re being honest, it feels as though we’ve failed.

I’ve been dreaming about the impact we could have if we just started with Georgetown. God placed us next to this massive apartment complex, Georgetown Park Apartments. They make up roughly 10% of our entire city, and it’s right in our own backyard! 20 buildings full of the people we set out to reach, and we’ve not made an ounce of difference.

Every day moving trucks roll out, and we miss our window of opportunity. For a while, I’ve been dreaming about the day our church would take this opportunity seriously.

Recently, our church made the decision to do just that. We laid all our cards on the table, and went public with our goal. We want to see a small group meeting in all 20 buildings in 10 years. Put simply, 20 in 10.

It seems like an impossible feat to accomplish, but we know He is able. Our church has committed to pray. We’re praying that God will use us to accomplish the impossible. We’re praying that God will use us to see 20 in 10.



Scott Statson is the Lead Pastor of The Way Church. Prior to planting The Way Church, Scott held various positions in ministry in several churches throughout Michigan & Nebraska. Scott & Amanda reside in Fenton with their two beautiful daughters.



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