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Kevin Litchfield – Baptist State Convention of Michigan

FENTON, MI – In 2006 54,000 prayer intercessors were mobilized to impact the darkness in Cleveland, Ohio. As a result of these prayers, more than 15,000 volunteers were called to serve, 30 new churches were started, and more than one hundred student missionaries were mobilized, leading to major kingdom expansion.


On a much more personal note, my family saw the power of prayer firsthand when God asked us to move into the city of Cleveland to a very tough neighborhood. In our first year, we were robbed 6 times. But that all changed in the second year when we were reminded of the priority of prayer. We mobilized 1000 people within the state of South Carolina to pray for Lee Avenue and to pray over our house there.


As a result, the street changed. The city chose this one street among all the possible streets in the city to bring some beautification improvements, including a new park. A mission team came and planted flowers at homes on our street including the home called the “Red Flag House” where drugs were sold. Mission Teams brought two weeks of VBS to my house where two young boys accepted Christ. God brought a young man in his 20’s who lived across the street from me. His name was Darrell, and he participated with the mission team. Later, Darrell would say to me that he would personally put the word out for no one to mess with our house again. These actions caused an elderly lady to have the courage to walk her street for the first time in 10 years, and to take her grandkids to VBS at our house. This same lady said to us this is not the same street, it has changed.


When God moved our family to Detroit, I was overwhelmed with the level of darkness, but I was once again reminded of the power of prayer. In 2015 a prayer website was created called Currently, more than 300 people representing 22 states have committed to pray. I was reminded recently to remind people to pray. I wonder what would happen as “we punch holes in the darkness” if thousands of people were mobilized to pray. If you have not already, will you join us on this journey. The website will be updated regularly with prayer requests and praise updates.


Would you pray about joining us on this journey?


What this would mean? First, you would sign up by registering on the website. Second, you would commit at least twice a month to check the pray Detroit website for updated prayer requests and praise reports. Third, you would continually invite other friends and family to link arms with us in this prayer Initiative.


Our Metro Detroit area is made up of many streets as dark and hopeless as Lee Avenue. I wonder how many amazing miracles we will see if every street, block, neighborhood, and city were saturated and penetrated with prayer?


Kevin Litchfield is a BSCM Church Planter Catalyst for Metro Detroit.

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