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ROSCOMMON, MI – The holidays are over, and we need a break from the hustle and bustle! We also need a break from the everyday issues of life. Jesus needed to take a break from the distractions and get away to meet with His father. If Jesus needed to get away, we too must take time out of our busy schedules and get away just to meet with God.

This February 21-23, at Bambi Lake the women’s winter mission retreat will be an exciting time away with God. The theme is Set Free…to Serve, with an emphasis on compassion.

Dr. Michelle White will inspire us with Bible Study, and Melba Clark, missionary to East Asia, will share stories from around the world. Get your worship on as Pastor Mick Schatz leads us to the throne to praise and worship the Father.

If that’s not enough… there is more! We will have breakout sessions to help learn to show compassion to the hurting of our world.

We will be collecting items for the river ministry in Texas, and taking time to make new friends and see old ones. Our state is big and we miss out on fellowship with our sisters from other areas. You can take that much needed break and get together again.

Are you ready to enjoy home cooked meals that you don’t have to prepare, and better yet, don’t need to clean up? Bambi staff are ready to serve and to make our stay pleasant. Saturday afternoon will offer opportunities to rest or take on the challenge of Monster Hill, to grab a shake and popcorn, catch up on a euchre game, or just sit and visit. This would be a great time just to relax and reflect on all that God has done.

Saturday night the Women’s Missionary Union team want to serve you, we want to show love and compassion, and our appreciation for you. Let us paint your nails, or have henna applied, or give you a facial and a backrub, plus take your picture!

There are a lot of places to get away, so why choose Bambi? Bambi offers serenity in its natural beauty, a place to “unplug”, a place to focus on God, a chance to be alone with God while surrounded by people who love and support you. Bambi is unique to Michigan Southern Baptists, and a place one must experience to really appreciate its worth. We will be waiting to greet you, so save the date, Feb.21-23,2020, and come take a break with us.

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Sharon Greer is a native of Michigan and lives in Kalkaska, MI. She is serving as president of Michigan WMU, and as a trustee for LifeWay. She is a member of the Orchard Church in Kingsley, where she serves in the children's department and directs VBS, she is also a trustee for the church. Semi-retired but working for Northwest Baptist Association, she hopes to be able to travel more with her missionary husband, Darren.


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