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SEND Detroit update - June 2019

2 More Churches Launched!

So far for 2019, four (4) total churches have launched!  Hear the highlights of what God is doing in the two newest churches of Send Detroit!


Palm Sunday April 14, was the big Sunday for a new church in Waterford.  Pastor Seth Springs led the Transformation Church team to plant a much-needed church in Oakland County that hasn't seen a new Southern Baptist Church in years! They have a heart to see other new gospel preaching churches started throughout the county.


Mile City Lyon – South Lyon, MI

On March 17, Mile City Church launched a second campus, in addition to its Plymouth location. They sent a team out of their church to meet in an old recycling center that has become a community sports and rec complex. Watch a highlight video here.


Send Network Gathering in Chicago

April 29 through May 1 church planters, spouses and team members from the Midwest region gathered in Chicago for equipping, encouragement and refreshing. The theme of the gathering was "Take care of yourselves, take care of your flock, take care of your wolves," based on Acts 20:28-29. A total of 37 came from Detroit!



Pastor Wayne Parker is the SEND Detroit Missionary. He is the Lead Pastor of Merriman Road Baptist Church in Garden City, Michigan.


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