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God has been gracious

by Michael L. Ritchie

ROSCOMMON, MI – It has been more than a year since I have shared an article, Life at Bambi Lake: God has been Gracious in the Baptist Beacon. Bambi Lake Camp has blessed us over the years, but really it is a story of the graciousness of God!

This pandemic has seen us change the way we do church, and it is not hard to be discouraged.

We lost some friends and loved ones, and have not seen our families as often as we would like. Our businesses have been stretched to the max by regulations and labor issues. After almost two years the virus has caught up to several of our church members, and likely others will contract the virus.

Through of it all God has been gracious, and he has made a way through all this darkness.

In my article I told how my wife and I were baptized in Bambi Lake in 1983, and since then we have served God at Roscommon Baptist Church. I shared a story of a young boy named John who was shooting archery with us. He wanted to be baptized with the other kids, but really didn’t understand it’s significance. Gratefully, John came forward 2 weeks ago to say he now has received Jesus, and wants to publicly profess Jesus before the church. He wants the world to know by being baptized.

This year has been a challenge, but God continues to reach out to others though His body the church.

Personally, 2021 has been good in that my son Jacob and his wife Kaleigh have had another son! He was born healthy, and hungry. Miles joins his brother Lucas, and they are best buddies. My father Paul Ritchie is still with us and has celebrated his 89th birthday. My wife Laurie and I have been blessed with 39 years of marriage. Roscommon Baptist Church has seen children, young adults and senior adults submit to Christ in the waters of baptism.

It seems when the world gets darkest even the smallest light shines bright!

Yes, God has been gracious! I hope this Christmas God has been especially good to all of you.

Thanks to our Pastor Erikson Aldridge and his wife Glenda for leading our church and faithfully sharing the Word of God and to our staff at the Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) and Bambi Lake for facilitating a place like Bambi Lake to do ministry.

There is light now to follow

An anchor in the storm

A harbor now for refuge

A Way that keeps from harm

A commission to be fulfilled

A race yet to be won

Since that day in Bethlehem

When God sent His only Son

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to everyone!



Dr. Michael Ritchie grew up in Harrison Township, MI. He is married to Laurie Allan Ritchie and they live in Higgins Lake, MI, where they have practiced Chiropractic for 37 years. They have 2 grown children, Sarah and Jacob (Kaleigh) and are grandparents to Lucas. The Ritchie's were saved right out of college and were baptized in Bambi Lake. They have been serving God at Roscommon Baptist Church ever since. His motto is "As a church we need to think out of the box, while we are still above ground." Michael has led the church in many innovative ministries over the years all in the effort that They might win some. "Jesus Christ is my life, without Him am nothing."


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