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Global Hunger Sunday is October 10th

by Send Relief Staff

The loss of one’s home or livelihood often parlays into losing food security and health. The physical ramifications can be devastating for men, women and children of all ages. However, what is potentially even more debilitating is the loss of dignity.

When heavy rains washed out access roads to certain towns in Mozambique, the people had no way to get food or other necessary supplies. Additionally, the region has been plagued by violent attacks that have created many widows and single mothers, who are particularly vulnerable when it comes to food insecurity.

With the help of generous supporters like you, Send Relief administered a Global Hunger Relief emergency food distribution to 320 families in need. Of these, 150 were widows with 597 children. Each food recipient also received the good news of the gospel, to which they responded with gratitude.

Perhaps the most poignant and lasting effect of this food relief arose about two weeks after the feeding. A local administrator contacted the volunteer team leader, requesting a meeting. During the original food distribution, several government officials had been in attendance. They noted that this particular outreach effort was different, reporting that the people were treated with dignity. The administrator went on to share that there was something else that distinguished this project. When asked what that was, the team leader shared that they had not only shared food with these people, but they had shared the hope that is only found in Jesus Christ.

There are many relief organizations around the world doing good work and meeting physical needs. But when you support Global Hunger Relief through Send Relief, you are a part of something different—something special.

You are giving hope. You are sharing truth. You are treating others as Jesus would—with dignity and respect.


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