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Breakthrough at the Church Equipping Conference

Dr. Richard Land speaks to the audience at this year’s Church Equipping Conference. (Photo courtesy BSCM)

ROSEVILLE, MI – The theme for the 2016 Church Equipping Conference was “Breakthrough”, and the goal was to strengthen Michigan Baptist churches to breakthrough to new levels of service.

BSCM Director of Spiritual Enrichment and Retreats, Mick Schatz, leads in a time of singing and praise. (Photo courtesy BSCM)

As soon as the doors to Cornerstone Baptist Church opened on Saturday, September 16th, God began showing off. Hundreds of Christ followers packed the conference to learn how to best equip their local church to grow and reach their community better. As attendees entered the lobby, the excitement began to build as everyone gathered in fellowship. It was overwhelming how people showed up eager to hear what God had prepared for them.

The conference began with worship led by State Director of Spiritual Enrichment and Retreats, Mick Schatz. It was a powerful moment where as a community attendees came together and praised the Lord. The room was filled with the passion for Christ as the musicians and attendees shared praise together.

Keynote speaker, Curtis Wood challenged attendees to focus on serving the Lord in their service to the church. (Photo courtesy BSCM)

The Holy Spirit continued to work through keynote speakers, Dr. Richard Land and Curtis Woods. Land is the president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC. He gave an honest look at the state of our country, and the importance of holding onto the Word in this climate. Woods is the Associate Executive Director of Convention Relations for the Kentucky Baptist Convention. He reminded each believer that they are just “decorated dust.” Woods said, “We are nothing without Jesus”. Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) Ministry Assistant, Lisa Johns said, “It was so humbling to be in a room with so many other people who have committed their lives to Christ and are dedicated to expanding His Kingdom. I was moved by the words spoken by both Dr. Land and Curtis Woods, but even more I was moved because I knew those words weren’t theirs alone. Jesus knew what each of us needed to hear that morning and He used those speakers to reach us. What an amazing thing it was to experience.”

After gathering as a big group for worship time and messages by the keynote speakers, it was time to split into the various breakthrough sessions that were offered. More than 25 speakers from around the country had prepared sessions that would equip attendees with ways to better strengthen, send, and start local churches. Everything from children’s ministry to guest relations were covered.

CEC attendees worshipping together. (Photo courtesy BSCM)

Johns added, “When I got home, I couldn’t sit still. I wanted to tell everyone about my weekend and the things that I had encountered. I wanted everyone to know how God had showed up at this event, and how I knew He was in the building with us. I left the event exhausted, but so pumped up spiritually! It was a day full of fellowship, worship, and spiritual truths.”



Lisa Johns is the Ministry Assistant at the Baptist State Convention of Michigan in the Church Strengthening/ Evangelism Department. Lisa received her BFA in Dance from Oakland University and spends her weekends teaching dance, and serving as the Preschool Ministry Lead at Mile City Church. She is excited to be a part of the launch team for Grumlaw Church, a new church plant in Grand Blanc, MI launching in January of 2018.

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