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SOUTHFIELD, MI – Any avid basketball fan knows that a crossover is a move used on the court to change direction. While playing basketball overseas, Pastor Ken Nether, Lead Pastor at Crossover Church, finally crossed over and embraced his call as a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Now he is passionate about helping other people change the direction of their lives through Crossover Church.

Pastor Ken and his wife Tolice, launched Crossover Church in September 2016. They launched with 202 people at their first service, and are currently making their mark in Southfield. They are fulfilling their mission by helping people grow closer to Jesus Christ. Both were students at Southfield High School and recently the Lord allowed them to move their Sunday services where they once roamed the halls together. “I was on the basketball court and my wife was in the library so we never connected in high school, but it's amazing that He knew the whole time we would eventually come back to where we first went to school together,” said Nether.

Crossover Church has a simple strategy. Sunday services are designed to REACH people who are far away from God. Throughout the week, we focus on RAISING people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ by mobilizing discipleship groups throughout the city. Lastly, we concentrate on RELEASING people to make a difference for the Kingdom of God by investing in our members by helping them discover their gifts, and providing resources to equip them for their assignment. Simply put their motto is “We Grow People.”

On January 15th, 2017, Crossover church had it’s first baptismal service. During the service, Pastor Nether had the privilege of baptizing four family members. Ken states, “I was studying game film on baptizing all night to make sure I had the proper technique. I used to enjoy dunking on the basketball court but I received more joy in dunking the family members in the water.” That baptism service represented what Crossover Church is all about. They REACHED a family who was far away from God. They are currently RAISING them up to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. All of the family members have been RELEASED into ministry and are excited to serve.

With the support of NAMB, Crossover Church plans to adopt a school by providing tutoring, mentoring and parental support for families who are in need. Pastor Ken was a teacher in the inner city of Detroit for the last 6 years and has seen how the erosion of education and lack of support can have a negative impact, not only on the children, but on the family as a whole. Pastor Ken and Tolice have two kids of their own, Kennedy (4) and Lincoln (2), which is a guiding force in the church’s work in discipling the whole family. “We noticed that there seems to be a lack of churches that cater toward young families,” says Tolice Nether. She goes on to say, “It’s interesting we have now turned into a multigenerational church. The grandparents are telling their young adult children about Crossover, but they are staying too.”

Crossover Church is establishing itself as a church for the whole family. They are ready to serve the city of Southfield and look forward to being an active part of the community. Ken and Tolice’s kids joyfully run into church every Sunday and we believe one day the rest of the city of Southfield will follow suit.



Ken Nether is a NAMB church planter at Crossover Church. He has been married to his wife, Tolice, for five years and have two wonderful kids, Kennedy and Lincoln. They currently hold Sunday Services at Southfield High School A&T at 10:30 am in Southfield, MI.


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