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Phyllis Harbaugh – Mission Service Corps

FENTON, MI – The Deaf Ministry here in Michigan never tires of sharing Christ at every opportunity. The “Sign Choir” was invited to minister to five senior centers during Christmas and Easter. They bring the songs of faith to life as they sing using their hands. Audiences love the enthusiasm expressed, finding encouragement in their own lives.


Since the first of the year the choir has participated in two cultural exchanges and one citywide cultural community event raising awareness to the deaf community. Their message is deafness touches all people groups around the world. More importantly, they amazed attendees at how much deaf people can enjoy life, especially music.


One area of ministry that is growing is to the Iraqi deaf refugees. Sign language classes have become quite popular. Plans are to begin a new class soon as well as one on American culture to help families acclimate to their new land. Hearing families are also building strong connections with instructors as they teach the entire family to communicate together. Through each opportunity, the ministry is able to be the face and hands of God.


During one of the monthly fellowships across the state a deaf man who had been attending for some time committed his life to follow Christ. It was a time of celebration and reminder of how important it is to create these times of gathering and worship each month. In addition, four from the deaf group served in Warren, MI with the Disaster Relief team serving dinner to the teams working in the community.  

Anyone interested in being involved can contact us at or call 586-615-4607.


Phyllis Harbaugh and her husband are part of the Mission Service Corps (MSC) serving the deaf community across Michigan as volunteers. Memorial Deaf Ministries (MDM) 12651 Clinton River Road, Sterling Heigthts, MI 48313.

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