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Nomyee Lor - Hmong-American Baptist Church

Pastor Nomyee Lor, wife Za and their son, Mosae (Photo courtesy Nomyee Lor)

Pastor Nomyee Lor, wife Za and their son, Mosae

(Photo courtesy Nomyee Lor)

ROSEVILLE, MI – The Hmong-American Baptist Church in Roseville is asking the churches of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) to join together in welcoming and praying for their new pastor, Nomyee Lor. Pastor Nomyee Lor and his family recently arrived in Roseville where he will serve as the pastor. The church is grateful for Lor, his wife, Za and their son, Mosae. There is renewed excitement among the members anticipating a great movement of God in the years to come. Pastor Nomyee and the congregation asks their fellow churches to pray for the Hmong community here in Michigan. There are many who have yet to hear of a personal relationship with the living God.



Pastor Nomyee served as pastor of the Oakland Hmong Baptist Church in Pontiac the past five years. Prior to that, he and Za, served as the Elder &

Education Leader and the Women’s Leader with Detroit Hmong Alliance in Warren. His ministry also included time with the Providence Alliance Church in Providence, RI.


Za completed her studies in nursing from Fitchburg State University in Fitchburg, MA and currently works as a nurse at Troy Beaumont Hospital in Troy.


Pastor Nomyee completed his studies in Bible/History from Pillsbury Baptist Bible College in Owatonna, MN. His studies also include education from Fitchburg State University and Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. In addition to his pastorate, Pastor Nomyee currently works as a teacher with Clintondale Community Schools in Clinton Township.

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