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Jimmy Jones - First Baptist Church Trenton

ROSCOMMON, MI - During a weekend in January, men gathered at Bambi Lake for a Fresh Encounter with the Lord. Evangelist David Ring, the featured speaker, challenged the men to make Christ first in their lives, and more than 60 men responded.


During a testimony time men shared they had made Jesus first in their personal lives in their family relationship and their church relationship. Others announced making Jesus first in their finances and some men shared privately they had decided to give Jesus victory over sexual impurity in their lives. These commitments are already being felt in Michigan churches.


Donn Broeker, having recently returned from Hong Kong, challenged the men to open their eyes to a world in dire need of the Gospel. Broeker testified how the Lord works in miraculous ways reaching people on the mission field. He challenged the men to get involved in world missions through prayer, financial support and personal involvement. The response from the men was obvious as they were moved by Broeker’s commitment to the Lord.


Rick Warzywak, a volunteer with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association informed the men of Franklin Graham’s plans to be in Lansing, Michigan in October of 2016 as part of the “Decision America Tour.” Mr. Graham, has plans to visit every state capital in America prior to the 2016 Presidential election where he is calling on the Lord’s people to prayer and to be concerned about the future of the nation. Warzywak made mention this would not be a political rally, rather a call to challenge the culture that has turned away from God. The “Decision America Tour” is about calling for repentance and confession of sin by the people of God. It is also a call to those who are lost giving them the opportunity to receive Christ as Savior.


This is the first of four men’s retreats to be held this year.  More information can be found at

David Ring leads men in a time of prayer and commitment.

(Courtesy BSCM)

Attendees at this year’s mens retreat. (Courtesy BSCM)

Evangelist David Ring was the featured speaker.
 (Courtesy BSCM)

Attendees at this year’s mens retreat. (Courtesy BSCM)

Dan Dameron brought some talented men from their church, One Life Church in Grand Blanc, to lead worship.
(Courtesy BSCM)

David Ring leads men in a time of prayer and commitment. (Courtesy BSCM)


Pastor Jimmy Jones is currently the Pastor at First Baptist Church Trenton, Former Interim Executive Director for the BSCM as well as State Brotherhood Director, and State Evangelism Director.

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