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Jimmy Jones - First Baptist Church Trenton

TRENTON, MI – During their December 2015 business meeting, First Baptist Church Trenton voted to increase their Cooperative Program giving from 13.5% to 14% for 2016 and to up their Associational gifts from 3.5% to 4%. The church gave $10,739.65 to the Cooperative Program in 2015. In the same business meeting the report showed that the church had exceeded its budget for the year despite having increased the budget in some areas.


The Benevolence account was the one area most over spent. “This account helps people who are in need during the year and there were many needs. That account over spent by $2,225.18 but the Lord was pleased and we were able to cover all items spent over the budget with the surplus.” First Baptist Church Trenton continued the upward trend in January 2016 as the church exceeded its budget again.

The average percent given by churches in the Southern Baptist Convention is less than 6% annually. It has been estimated if every church would commit to giving 10% there would be no need for further staff reductions like occured in 2015.  It is the faithful giving of churches across the state and the country that support missions efforts around the world.  Michigan Baptists like First Baptist Trenton lead the way and encourage others to follow likewise in 2016.


Pastor Jimmy Jones is currently the Pastor at First Baptist Church Trenton, Former Interim Executive Director for the BSCM as well as State Brotherhood Director, and State Evangelism Director.

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