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Stan Parker - Faith Fellowship Baptist Church

LANSING, MI — Faith Fellowship Baptist Church in Lansing recently received a thank you card from a woman who was given food from the Faith Food Pantry. Maria had arrived at the food bank after being referred by the local United Way. She said, “she was ready to give up on life.” Earlier, her husband of 16 years had called her while he was standing in front of the local court. He told her he was filing for divorce and was giving her full custody of their three children. She was devastated. As she started to tell Pastor Stan Parker the story, tears began to run down her face. Pastor Parker prayed with Maria about her situation. After praying, Parker asked Maria if she was a believer in Jesus Christ. She said that she was brought up in the Catholic Church, but she did not see herself as a Christian. Parker said, “I told her that she was not sent to our Faith Food Pantry by accident. I began to explain that God loves her and He is concerned about her situation. I shared several Scriptures regarding the love of God and then showed her the Romans Road Salvation Plan.”


The Lansing pastor shared with her the plan of salvation and asked if she was ready to accept the gift of eternal life. Together they prayed the sinner acceptance prayer and she began to cry again. But Parker said, “This time she cried with a big smile on her face and tears of joy.” Later, Maria sent the church that thank you card stating that she came to Faith Food Pantry to receive natural food for herself and her three children, and that she had no idea she would also receive spiritual food which would last far longer. Maria also wrote she had never experienced the love of God in her life before. She closed the note by saying that she may need to move to Texas to live with relatives for a while, but that she was so excited to know she would not be going alone. She now has faith in Jesus Christ and knows that He will never leave her or forsake her like her husband did. She is now living with eternal love and eternal life.


Stan Parker is Senior Pastor at Faith Fellowship Baptist Church in Lansing, MI.

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