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Loren Armstrong - New Living Christian Church

JACKSON, MI – My sixteen year old daughter, Brooke, came home incredibly happy one day after school last year. I asked her what had happened that day. She explained that on the bus, a girl had on nice cowgirl boots and that she had complimented her. The girl told her that she liked her cowgirl boots also, and then she asked if she wanted to sit with her. Brooke said that she seemed pretty nice!  Over the next few weeks, the two girls bonded over their mutual love of cowgirl boots. Brooke's friendly, kind attitude began to eventually draw her friend to realize that she acted differently than the other kids on the bus.  


My daughter's friend asked Brooke what she was doing on the weekends and if she wanted to hang out.  Brooke would say, "Well, Sundays I'm at church so you can come and see me there!" My daughter explained to her that she was a Christian and that her Dad also happened to be a pastor at a local church.

The Larkin family (Photo courtesy New Living Christian Church)

Brooke and Gabriel Larkins (Photo courtesy New Living Christian Church)
The Larkin family (Photo courtesy New Living Christian Church)

Over the next few weeks, the conversation repeated itself. Finally, on the first Sunday in January of 2015 she came to church for the first time. She seemed to enjoy it!  For many months, she faithfully attended almost every Sunday. Her parents would drop her off and then leave.  Brooke would run out to the parking lot

when they arrived just to try to talk to them, and invite them in. Easter Sunday came and our church had been emphasizing for everyone to invite their friends and family. Brooke's friend announced that her parents were going to visit for our Easter Sunday brunch. That Sunday our church people made them feel comfortable, and asked them to come back next week. They agreed to start coming every other Sunday with their daughter, and they did!

Eventually, they began coming every Sunday. They would sit in the second row and Brooke would sit with them. The three of them came to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and were saved together as a family. A simple compliment between two young girls became the bridge to an entire family coming to know Christ. My daughter will tell you, "Always give someone a compliment because you never know, they might become a Christian from it.”  God can use a simple act of kindness to reach others for Him.

Brooke and Gabriel Larkins

(Photo courtesy New Living Christian Church)


Loren Armstrong is a bivocational Pastor at New Living Christian Church in Jackson, Michigan. His career specialties include, marketing and commercial facility management, consulting, large project logistics, building solutions, emergency preparedness and energy management systems. Loren hopes to use these skills to serve in his church, and others throughout the Baptist State Convention of Michigan.

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