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by Dr. Stan Parker – Faith Fellowship Baptist Church

LANSING, MI - In September 2015, a young lady traveled from Ohio to Michigan State University. Her thoughts were focused on getting an education and degree. She was viewed by her friends as a good person, very intelligent, thoughtful, but not a Christian. During her fall semester, Taylor met Taevea, a Semester Missionary with Just For Christ Campus Ministry, an outreach ministry from Faith Fellowship Baptist Church in Lansing. Throughout the fall semester, Taevea and Taylor would meet and attend a weekly Tuesday Bible Study on the campus of Michigan State University.

As the two students continued building their relationship, there came a time when Taylor began to realize something was missing in her life. Taylor reached a point where she was not satisfied with knowing there was a void in her life and realized that education alone would not be enough. Taylor’s hunger and thirst for learning more about Jesus became a priority. She then began attending church at Faith Fellowship with other college students.  

In April after confessing the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior, Taylor was baptized. Taylor stated “I have already received more than what I came to Michigan State University for, I am receiving an education, but more importantly, I now have eternal life”. Taylor further emphasized that she is so thankful to have come in contact with Just For Christ Campus Ministry and is looking forward to learning more and becoming part of the Leadership team for the next school year.


Dr. Stan Parker is pastor of Faith Fellowship Baptist Church located in Lansing, MI and provides leadership to the Just For Christ Campus Ministry at Michigan State University.

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Pastor Stan Parker baptizes new convert Taylor. (Photo courtesy Faith Fellowship Baptist Church)
Taylor presented with Certificate of Baptism. (Photo courtesy Faith Fellowship Baptist Church)

ABOVE: Pastor Stan Parker baptizes new convert Taylor. BELOW: Taylor presented with Certificate of Baptism. (Photos courtesy Faith Fellowship Baptist Church)

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