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FENTON — The Baptist State Convention of Michigan’s Church Planting Catalysts (CPC) are anxious to see what God does as they pursue the goals of starting, strengthening and sending churches in 2016. Director of Missions, Tony Lynn, announced the addition of several CPC’s to kick off the new year. “Collectively these men bring an abundance of experience as well as deep commitment to our work here in Michigan.” said Lynn. Adding to the existing team already at work brings the total number of Catalysts to five.


Darren Greer is no stranger to the BSCM as he has spent the last 27 years planting churches, pastoring and leading teams here in Michigan. He noted the biggest challenge continues to be enough church planters called to Michigan. Greer views the challenge as a goal for sharing the need, identifying potential church planters, and finding SBC churches to sponsor the new work. Greer serves the Northwest, Pines Bay, and Genesee Association.


Kevin Litchfield continues to serve in the Greater Detroit area where his focus is on the Iraq and Bangladesh population. Litchfield recognizes one of the most important tasks in his ministry is to spend

BSCM Church Planting Catalysts

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time praying for each church planter and pastor serving these people groups. He challenges himself to be an encourager and resource to them, and hopes to mobilize college students this summer to put feet on the ground in Detroit working alongside those serving there. Litchfield serves the Greater Detroit area which includes the Greater Detroit and Motor Cities Baptist Associations.


Darryl Gaddy begins his service as Church Planting Catalyst in the Metropolitan Detroit area of Wayne County while continuing to serve as senior pastor of Victory Fellowship Community Church located there. Gaddy identifies himself as an indigenous church planter, who was born and raised in the urban core of Detroit. He knows of the overwhelming challenges, created by poverty and drugs, synonymous with this area. He understands how such conditions make it almost impossible to plant an effective church yet after nine years the church he started is sustaining and growing. Gaddy notes this people group is severely underserved by evangelical, mission-minded churches.


Dan Ghramm arrives to start a new work and brings with him notable wisdom for the task. Serving in the southwest corner of Michigan, Ghramm recognizes the need for regional assessment, and developing of relationships with churches and community leaders as he begins to determine the areas of greatest need for a church. He also understands how prayer and planning will be tantamount to creating patience along the way, seeking God’s leading and not his own. “When we pinpoint a spot on the map, we are going to know this is where God is leading.” says Ghramm. In addition, he wants to initiate leadership development among guys just beginning to consider ministry, or seeking to plant a church that will have longevity and reproduction. Dan Ghramm is serving the Woodland, Southwestern and Southcentral Associations.


Tim Shrader begins work in the Lansing, Jackson, Hillsdale, Adrian, Monroe communities as well as surrounding areas, as the newest member of the CPC team. His many years of pastoring local churches have prepared him for this task. Shrader sees leadership as key to encouraging existing churches while planting new ones. He understands the critical importance of church sponsorship and hopes by developing relationships with local pastors, they too, will recognize how sustaining churches can be missionally-minded in their own communities and across the state.


Lynn says, “If you would like more information about planting a church in your area contact us at the Baptist State Convention of Michigan offices. We will be glad to be of assistance.”

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