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FENTON — This issue of the Baptist Beacon launches a new era of publishing for the Michigan Baptist state publication. Going forward the Beacon will be available to anyone, anywhere, and for free.


At the annual meeting in November, Baptist State Convention of Michigan Executive Director, Dr. Tim Patterson, announced the new direction for the state publication. He said that with the cost of postage and printing of The Beacon, “it is not financially responsible to continue to provide the paper in print.”


The BSCM commissioned a survey of the state convention’s pastors and 75% wanted to receive the news through the Internet and social media. Patterson said, “by taking the Beacon online, it will allow it to be better, more current and more interactive. 


The online look of the Beacon is part of an overall rebranding of the BSCM including the logo, state convention website, Facebook page and Twitter account. The online version can be found at


For those who would prefer a print version, a synopsis of each issue of the paper will be available in a pdf form of the Beacon, where individuals or churches can download and print it.


Dr. Patterson said, “The goal of the Baptist Beacon is to communicate, and this transition will allow the BSCM to be a better communicator with our state partners.”

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