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FENTON, MI — Michigan Baptist churches are preparing for the upcoming season of prayer for North American missions and supporting that ministry through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. As they prepare for this time of giving and prayer, Baptist State Convention of Michigan Executive Director, Tim Patterson, reminds Michigan Baptists that their obedience is an important part of that mission.


The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) has a single purpose. That purpose is to push back the darkness so prevalent across our continent. Your church’s giving goes directly to support evangelism. There is nothing more important than seeing lost souls come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Here I Am / Send Me

NAMB has provided this graphic to illustrate just how your giving impacts the collective efforts. First is the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Your church decides what percentage of money given will be sent to your state convention for use through the Cooperative Program (CP). The State Convention, via messengers, vote on what percentage of CP funds remain in state and what is forwarded to the SBC. 22.79% of SBC CP funds go to NAMB and the remainder to other SBC entities.

Second is the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering given each year by SBC churches all across North America. Every penny given by your church for this offering goes directly to the North American Mission Board. “Annie” as the Easter Emphasis is often referred comprises 49 percent of NAMB’s income. The 2016 goal is $70 million dollars. What you and your church give is so very important to the on-going efforts of Southern Baptists to keep the push back of lostness moving forward.


To learn more about the Week of Prayer, the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and how your church can be mobilized to push back lostness in North America, visit To read about the other 2016 featured missionaries, visit

Funding North American Missions
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